FNG moderator aplication

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FNG moderator aplication

Post by Staph<3 »

Hello , my name is Matias , known in game as Staph<3 and a openFNG player ,
I'am 20 years old . Nowadays I reside in Chile and I speak Spanish (My native language) and a quite fluent English.

I've been playing Teeworlds-DDnet since I was a kid , it's my childhood game and I love it, I´ve been playing for about 7-8 years.I play about 6 hours per day . I have always played PvP , mostly zcatch and openFNG.

I've always wanted to be a openFNG mod because I hate bots and dishonest people in my and my friends game , I want the Chilean community to be relax while playing and having fun, I have also seen that the only active mod in FNG is Umbra , and since there have
been tournaments that have been organized in our community,more bots and trolls have appeared so we need more control to improve the
experience of each person in the game.
Sadly , I don't have any experience as a moderator but I'm always looking for ways to learn and improve. I'm a responsible and committed person, so I will give my best to be a good moderator and player.
Thank you very much for reading my aplication , I'm looking forwardfor your reply.
Waiting for you to be well in this pandemic.

my discord is Nostik#9900.

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Re: FNG moderator aplication

Post by Sophi-chan »

I frequently play FNG and there has been a lot of bots. So I think FNG Chile needs another moderator and as Staph <3 plays frequently and has no tolerance with bots, I'm pretty sure it's a good idea to give him this important role. Also, he is kind and everyone likes him. +1

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Re: FNG moderator aplication

Post by ŚǿŅǥ«3 »

+1 it will be good if he joins as mod. he is nicely, honest and mature. He is really active in-game.

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