7th Birthday Summer Event

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7th Birthday Summer Event

Post by deen »

DDNet is turning 7 years old and I am glad to present you with 2 weeks fully packed with 10 maps from Pulsar and Ravie, consisting of 6 regular releases and 4 unique tournaments! All maps will be released at 20:00 CEST on the respective dates:
Tournaments and Releases
  1. Monday, August 3:
    Release of Cerulean by Pulsar (Brutal ★★★✰✰)
  2. Wednesday, August 5:
    Release of Smash by Pulsar (Dummy ★★✰✰✰)
  3. Thursday, August 6:
    Release of Sunny Side Up by Ravie (Novice ★★★✰✰)
  4. Saturday, August 8:
    Tournament on Lotus by Ravie (Brutal ★★✰✰✰)
    First team to finish wins, team 0 is not allowed!
  5. Sunday, August 9:
    Tournament on The Dungeon by Pulsar (Solo ★★✰✰✰)
    First to finish wins!
  6. Monday, August 10:
    Release of Polarity by Ravie (Brutal ★★★✰✰)
  7. Wednesday, August 12:
    Release of Zap by Ravie (Solo ★★✰✰✰)
  8. Thursday, August 13:
    Release of Orion by Pulsar (Novice ★★★★★)
  9. Saturday, August 15:
    Tournament on Behemoth by Pulsar & Ravie (Brutal ★★★★★)
    Team 0 vs Team of 4-8 players!
  10. Sunday, August 16:
    Tournament on Rapid by Pulsar (Solo ★★★✰✰)
    Best time after 2 hours wins!

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Re: 7th Birthday Summer Event

Post by Ryozuki »

Awesome, i'll probably be there to stream the tournaments :o

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Re: 7th Birthday Summer Event

Post by maggi323 »

Nice! I think I will be streaming the Tournaments too, maybe with a spectator commentary and not playing myself.

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Re: 7th Birthday Summer Event

Post by Im 'corneum »

so thats where the maps ahve been
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Re: 7th Birthday Summer Event

Post by Silex »

Sunny Side Up leak incoming

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Re: 7th Birthday Summer Event

Post by Index »

Thanks for these amazing years and soo many great moments,
glad to be here from the very beginning.. <33

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