|*KoG*| Random moments #11 by Hakurei Miku

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|*KoG*| Random moments #11 by Hakurei Miku

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Hi Hakurei Miku here.

I want to share with you guys my random moments from gores servers named |*KoG*|. Its mostly cool drags and saves so its not realy random moments :P. Most of clips are made by me but i always wanted it be more like community videos so feel free guys to send me cool demos. All informations and contact, game skin are in video description. I guess most of Players here play ddrace or other mods but i hope you find gores mod intresting.


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Re: |*KoG*| Random moments #11 by Hakurei Miku

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Nice vid
+ 1 for making me famous
You've just been Jimmy Jazzed.

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