Teeworlds Vanilla cup 3vs3

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Teeworlds Vanilla cup 3vs3

Post by Roco »

Tournament Cup 3vs3 CTF
The Tournament will take part on 12th July 2020 , 6 PM(CEST) .
There will be different maps where you have to fight with your team (3vs3) against other teams.
From the first round up until Quarterfinals, the first team to win 2 games win.The looserteam decides the next map. Servers will be hosted by locations around the world, including US, RUS, and GER. The scorelimit will be 600 without a timelimit .

How to sign up :

You can sign up via https://discord.gg/MdPEMQ

Who is allowed to play :

Every player is invited to play this Tournament . It does not matter if your skill is good or bad . Every player is treated same . It does not matter if you play DDrace , Race , or Instagib , we are encouraging you to come and try your best!. This tournament is supposed to be for fun.

How you can contact us :

You can write a pm on this Forum or add me on Discord : Roco#2043 . ( I am open for any questions)
During the Tournament we will have a channel on Discord .

Who is planning this :

Official the tournament is planning : Roco

What do we need :

- 8 referees

- Someone for the bracket

- 2 peoples who look if everything is running o.k

When you are interested in one of this jobs , write a pm on this forum or ask a dgt. member ingame.

Servers :

This servers are sponsored by DDRaceNetwork and we are very thankfull about this :

- 3vs3 CTF - Tournament GER #1 : xxxxxxxx:7001

- 3vs3 CTF - Tournament GER #2 : xxxxxxxx:7002

- 3vs3 CTF - Tournament GER #3 : xxxxxxxx:7003

- 3vs3 CTF - Tournament RUS #1 : xxxxxxxx:7001

- 3vs3 CTF - Tournament RUS #2 : xxxxxxxx:7002

- 3vs3 CTF - Tournament USA #1 : xxxxxxxx:7001

- 3vs3 CTF - Tournament USA #2 : xxxxxxx:7002

Maps: CTF3 - CTF_Tantum_old - Master_exploder -

Rules: ( We will take the rules from last Tournament )

The first player reaching the scorelimit will win the match.

Our team will assign you and your opponent (according to the bracket) to one of our servers. The match can't take place anywhere else.

You have to follow our directives when a team-member is there. (A round will not begin if we do not start it)

If you don't appear to your first match, you will be replaced by a player on the waiting list.

Your IRC Nickname has to be equal to your nickname in the bracket (respectively to your nickname on teeworlds.com, when you were added via PM)

You may not request a (short) pause during a round, but after it.

Using a bot, any kind of tool not provided by the official teeworlds version or watching a stream during your match (or spectating with a second client), means immediate disqualification from this and further tournaments.

You may use Anti-Ping to work against high latency.

We reserve the right to change the rules, even during a tournament.

Prices: 1.Place 100€

2.Place 50€

3.Place 25€
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Re: Teeworlds Vanilla cup 3vs3

Post by deen »

Nice! I'll make sure to watch. I announced this on DDNet Discord too btw, hope that's fine.

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Re: Teeworlds Vanilla cup 3vs3

Post by Konsti »

Why its not allowed to watch stream or with other client? xD

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Re: Teeworlds Vanilla cup 3vs3

Post by Cellegen »

Watching the stream is allowed...? That is why they do it in the first place.
And about watching with other clients, for further organization towards the staff those who control one of those servers. As how the organizer(s) declared it: They cannot watch over people on every server as well as watching over the staff so that they'll organize how they wanted to. So only on livestreams you'll be able to watch over.
(And sure being scared of a Ddos attack is natural, all ips will be private towards the participants and the staffs.)
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