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Re: Moderator Application

Post by Kenzo »

+1 he looks like a good guy and you can replace him with the inactive moderators in Chile:

Puntito / Neh: for example has not done anything since jao returned the rcon to him (the only thing Puntito did with the rcon in the past was to share it with his friends)
Delirio: he has done a good job but he is very inactive, he is rarely seen in the game, but he does a good job when he can

I totally approve this application, he really wants to support the community and he has already done it in different cases, give him a chance and take out the inactive and useless people like Puntito, you can ask all ddnet chile and noone knows that Puntito is a moderator, he really is useless, PLEASE REMOVE HIM

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Re: Moderator Application

Post by Skayland »

mazanitax wrote:
Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:56 am
-1 bot player
That is not true. We haven't even played together, who are you? Anyways, im okay if you don't want me as mod
Cyclic~ wrote:
Mon Jun 22, 2020 8:10 am
-1 we already have enough moderators
Sadly not on Chile. Most moderators are inactive and we have to rely on USA/EU moderators for our problems. We need new and active people in the staff team.
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Re: Moderator Application

Post by Akari »

+1. I've seen him in brazilian servers when it was still up, so i think he'll be helpful in chilean servers.

Since there's a lot of moderators he can replace Neh since he doesn't do anything he tries to moderate this game by telepathy or what? if i put my dog in front of the screen he will be more useful than Neh XD

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Re: Moderator Application

Post by Pantoja »

+1 he should replace jao

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Re: Moderator Application

Post by xXKurrounyXx »

+1 really nice guy!

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Re: Moderator Application

Post by jao »

declined, you dont seem active enough and claiming to play for 4 years but only having 500 points doesnt really add up.


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