Moderator Aplication (no bullet points; correction)

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Moderator Aplication (no bullet points; correction)

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Hello my name is Brian, better known as AdMiN-1*-* and I am 17 years old. I have and had other names such as "#Matecito", ":yin_yang:mAtee", "mate:yin_yang:cito", and other variants of my current name "AdMiN-1*-*".
Currently I locate myself in Argentina and speak perfect Spanish and a little English, I also study French.
My goal as a moderator is to help maintain control of the server; get new in-game experiences and improve the player experience; reactivate Vanilla mode (DM and CTF) and clan wars, 1 versus 1, in that mode.
In the week I play about 5 hours or more per day, depending on my study hours. I practically play since I was 8 years old maybe I could say I've been playing since I was 7, but I don't remember well; my childhood was playing TeeWorlds.
While I have no experience as a moderator, I know many and mostly game in FNG and DDRace where players like Song, Danytto, BenZ and Filis are very good to me and make me feel comfortable. I would like to do the same on Vanilla servers and I would like to be one step closer so that, in the future, I can become a developer of this game and start devising things as a programmer that I will be.
From now on, thank you very much to those who are in charge of reading requests, updating the client, moderating servers and other things that need constant work. I apologize for responding with bullets and especially to jao who sometimes has to endure requests that ignore the rules of the STAFF RECRUITMENT.

My discord: !Matecito #5920.

PD: in the game I mostly figure as #Matecito
Discord: toblan#5920
I'm Streamer on twitch; you can find me like Toblanqui
MAIL: [email protected]

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Re: Moderator Aplication (no bullet points; correction)

Post by jao »

accepted, dm me on discord


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