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Moderator Application

Post by Porphi »

Sup y'all.
Im called murpi and some people know me as Porphi.

Im 23 years old and born in germany. I speak german, english and vietnamese which wont be much of a benefit, probably.
I've been playing teeworlds since <2008, switching from gamemode to gamemode and just never got bored of teeworlds.

I've been thinking for a long time whether to apply as an addition to the moderation team or not. The journey has been quite rough lately, so I finally decided to write an application to join the team.

Why should I become a moderator you may ask. Well, there's one thing for sure i've noticed, it's the lack of actual live moderation. The past few days I've seen people being funvoted close to finish for no reason, which happened to myself aswell, but again, thats just one of few issues I've encountered.

As im on my pc most of the time, meaning im playing games literally all day which includes teeworlds for the most part, I would happily help my ingame folks even on odd times, meaning the times where moderators are not as active as I have a habit of changing my sleep schedule quite alot basically becoming a nightowl from time to time.

what else... im usually found on full servers as im having alot of fun playing in team 0, but also im server hopping alot, going through every server with people in them to check how they are doing in their current race.

As this is my childhood game I care about and love, I want to return the favor by keeping those pesky blockers and trolls away from the people who actually enjoy racing.

Anyway, if there are any further questions, you can ask me here or on discord via private chat.

my discord tag is: vNikyu#6549

Best regards & stay healthy

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Re: Moderator Application

Post by aqu »

Accepted, pm on discord


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