2020 Corp Clan Mapping Tournament!

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2020 Corp Clan Mapping Tournament!

Post by Cellegen »

This message is from Corp Clan Discord. Please check it out and support them!

To join the server:

ANNOUCING the #mapchallenge Tournament 2020

Hello guys, after our live announcement during the previous stream, Corp decided to organise a new type of tournament called #mapchallenge. Every players are invited to participate to this tournament and let his imagination mind blow us to another level of map design for gCTF. We are currently looking for a new « most played » map than ctf5.

Timelimit : 1st march 2020, 20:00 CET
Gametype : gCTF (2vs2 or 3vs3)
Version : 0.7
Map submissions : Unlimited (we would be glad to see many maps propositions from the same person)
Criterion : Your map must be open (not a close map like a cave)

Submit your map(s) in the #mapchallenge channel
If you need a server to test your map, feel free to ask Sneak, TNT or me. Most of the maps will be test in live, check the stream :wink:

Winner take all ! Actual prize is 100 € for the 1st.

TNT, Sneak, KIRA

Our youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR6YmQ ... qZGNFIQbPA
Our twitch channel :
RestInHell. - Team Leader

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