Settings reset by every start of the game

Issues with the DDNet client.
See the already reported problems on Github.

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Settings reset by every start of the game

Post by The Real Itachi » Sat Oct 12, 2019 8:39 pm

Hey everyone :D

Had a long brake from Teeworlds and decided today to play it again so i downloaded the newest version for windows 64
Also got a new pc so no Teeworlds files exist

First start everything normal. Made all Settings and played a bit so then i cloesd the game then started it later the day and had to do the settings again
nothing saved

I looked up the files in APPDATA and found out that no settings_ddnet.cfg file existed the game just doesnt create it automatically :/
so i made it up manually and just tried out (player_name "Itachi") that worked and the name Itachi was locked but then if i try to change it ingame to lets say "Itachi2342" then restart the game it doesnt overwrite the file to the new name

yeah so please help ^^

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Re: Settings reset by every start of the game

Post by deen » Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:12 pm

This means that DDNet client has no writing permissions in the config_directory. You could try giving full permissions for that directory to the user that runs DDNet client or alternatively remove the directory altogether to have it recreated properly.

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