Explanation of KoG anywhere? A Wiki?

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Explanation of KoG anywhere? A Wiki?

Post by Pathos »

Besides the more technical Wikis from Arch or Github, or the link from the patch notes (and the website doesn't explain what KoG is either), I was wondering where I can get some description on what this is.

How did KoG become significant enough to deserve its own tab in the client? Some communication would be nice.

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Re: Explanation of KoG anywhere? A Wiki?

Post by Ryozuki »

Cuz deen is qshar friend so it happened.

KoG is a community for gores a specific map type of ddrace.

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Re: Explanation of KoG anywhere? A Wiki?

Post by deen »

KoG (King of Gores I guess) is a gores server network, similar to what DDNet is for DDRace. Their servers seem popular and run decently, so they have a reputation to lose.

There are some servers around with very similar names to DDNet servers, so we wanted a way for players to easily see in client whether a server is an official DDNet server. After that was done it seemed to make sense to also add KoG. Since that requires us having a list of their servers I decided that we can also show it in a browser tab for them.
Ryozuki wrote:
Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:54 pm
Cuz deen is qshar friend so it happened.
How am I "qshar friend"? I don't think I've ever talked to qshar about anything private, or even much at all. I might have been on a KoG server a few years back, but only for some cool tournament they had.

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Re: Explanation of KoG anywhere? A Wiki?

Post by ryoma »

Wasn't there also a clan named KoG (Knights of Glory) back in 5.2? I know this for sure, because there was also this clan WoL (Warriors of Light), which was actually formed by some dudes who, bcs of some internal matters left KoG and later formed WoL if i remember correctly. I dont know if these clans still exist today, but some veterans should remember them, even if its a long time ago..
Maybe someone can explain if there is some connection between this KoG clan and nowadays Gores-Kog

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Re: Explanation of KoG anywhere? A Wiki?

Post by Konsti »

i love that noby fng is added to ddnet tab now because fng2+ best mod and bony best admin

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Re: Explanation of KoG anywhere? A Wiki?

Post by Kingston Dawn »

Hey Pathos!

I've been playing gores, on |*KoG*|project, for more than two years.

|*KoG*| is a project and in the same time abbreviation of *KingOfGores*.
Someone loves to say that it is a modification, which is focused on *GORES* mode.
It has been released in 2014/2015, and still best *GORES* server/project : P

If I said something wrong here, you can always go on their website, click on the discord invite link, and then to ask QshaR or Hawerer about everything you are interested in.


Kingston Dawn.

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