Staff recruitment / mod application suggestions

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Staff recruitment / mod application suggestions

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I wasn't sure if this is the right subforum to post in. Otherwise, please feel free to suggest another subforum or move the thread!

Currently, there are three different sticky posts in Staff Recruitment announcements.

I think that this can all be consolidated into one post and more concise. I think it would help if in the sticky posts, it's made clearer for the applicants to emphasise to convince everyone on why they should gain the power of a moderator/helper/etc.

Also, I think that the official (rejection) responses to the mod applications can be improved (by a lot) -- think of it as a mod application response template. Let's take a look at the current situation:

And a bit of the history of responses:

In regards to the recent rejection response, "immature" is just an outright wrong response. Dinner's responses telling the applicant to ask for details would be a lot better. If there are going to be reasons for rejection in the post, it should be as thoughtful as the applicant's effort in their application.

Also, say something along the lines of "sorry, we're currently in need of someone specialising soft skills" instead of immature hahaha

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