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Change name

Post by Loonex »

Hello team, i come here to communicate in front of unpleasant situations in the game. Recently i suffered a lot of hatred and discomfort from some players, known and unknown, it affected me a lot, some friends could see in person what this problem is for me. I avoided playing to see if it takes a while, but apparently it is not possible. I'm asking you for a possible change of nickname, it would be much more pleasurable for me to play without this type of problem constantly, i was very angry with that and then i avoided entering the game. Thank you for your attention. I do not like having to expose my life like this, but i found it necessary to report it.

This quoted was a misunderstanding on the part of other players in front of an embarrassing situation for me.
I would like to request the surname in particular, if possible.
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Here we go again.

Post by GG Kid »

i suspect this will wok out for you just as well as the other requests worked for them.


i know of one player that got a name change in my time of about four years viewtopic.php?f=87&t=5737&hilit=solved & he's a Moderator.

my advice: move on to a new name & forget about the old one. also a search is a quick way to understand a lot with out asking a word.

P.S. welcome to the DDnet forum, peace!

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Re: Change name

Post by jao »

I don’t think changing name would help your situation. If you really have dedicated haters, they would easily figure out your new name by looking at your old top ranks.. The only real option is to start from 0 again, I guess. Nevertheless, for a points tranfer we‘d need definitive proof that you are who you claim to be.

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