Diamond Mine by <BµmM>[Novice]

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Re: Diamond Mine by <BµmM>[Novice]

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Overall nice map for new players, signs are mostly on point and easy to understand, Novice 2-3*. I hope this hat will be removed, spectating is as cancer as playing with dyn-cam.

Unclear where to go first even though you put a shield there but everyone will go to solo first by instincts.
You should work on your language, this is poorly written. The second description is not essential.(Or remove it completely)
'shoot up'
Apparently too hard compared to the other parts in your map

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Re: Diamond Mine by <BµmM>[Novice]

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Thx for testing broke, fixed everything from your screens and even more^^
Diamond Mine.map
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Re: Diamond Mine by <BµmM>[Novice]

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Result: 27/48 | Balance: 7/10 • Flow: 5/10 • Creativity: 5/10 • Playability: 8/10 • Fun: 1/5 • Design: 1/3 — 6 Votes

Ready for Release
Diamond Mine by <BµmM>
Novice ★★★★✰

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