Unreachable by Themix [Dummy]

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Re: Unreachable by Themix [Dummy]

Post by Ninjed »

tbh im against of release
for me it's just very faily map, without anything interesting, for sure except some moments
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Re: Unreachable by Themix [Dummy]

Post by jao »

Results: 27/48 | Balance: 6/10 • Flow: 6/10 • Creativity: 6/10 • Playability: 4/10 • Fun: 3/5 • Design: 2/3 — 6 Votes

Doesn't make the cut since playability is too low (needs 6 points now). Feel free to improve that part, then we can release the map.
Basically these are the issues:
Kicker wrote:I really do not like the beginning of the map, the first gores drag in 1 tile is very gay IMO and the part that goes after it are too hard, I wanted to rq while trying to finish this part, but after that, in general, i liked the map, except when you take a grenade and you need comeback to your dummy , there too much awkward faily parts while u coming back to ur dummy
Freezestyler wrote:The map also has an "insta-rq" start, you get to do a weird and faily part, followed by an unfaily pretty hard part that is also hard to figure out

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