ASDPOASK by Uzumaki Naruto (Novice)

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ASDPOASK by Uzumaki Naruto (Novice)

Post by UplandFlyer »

New Novice map, would greatly appreciate it if someone could test it for me.
Thank You.
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Re: ASDPOASK by Uzumaki Naruto (Novice)

Post by fokkonaut »

I won't post any screenshots of bugs now because I think I can clearly say that this map is not enough.
It's way to short and the parts are mostly to hard for beginners.
I'm sorry to say that but imo this map is not good enough.
Keep mapping and make sure to increase the lenght of your next map! Maybe it's a good idea to read the Mapper Rules. :)

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Re: ASDPOASK by Uzumaki Naruto (Novice)

Post by Rico »


I agree with what fokkonaut said. Take your time and map some other stuff to get used to mapping.
The ideas will come by themselves.
I also encourage you to look and read the Mapper Rules they inform you alot.

Also a reject from my side. Good luck in the future!

Best regards Rico

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