Moderator Application [GER]

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Moderator Application [GER]

Post by HappyFray »

Hey, my nickname at the moment is Happyfray.
Im 21 years old and can read/write English and read/write/speak fluid German.
Often im at the novice servers and trying to help people.
There are still a lot of players that can do what they want cause no one is there to punish them.
Im often online from 10PM to 2AM CET sometimes longer sometimes less.
I've started May 2020 and got around 2000 play hours so i play a lot.
I am often up TR/FR/Ger/POL servers.
I appreciate your guys time and wish a wonderful day.

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Re: Moderator Application [GER]

Post by eujax »

Helpful and kind player
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Re: Moderator Application [GER]

Post by Scrumplex »

+1, friendly and helpful Player. Runs were a pleasure :D
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Re: Moderator Application [GER]

Post by Learath2 »

Accepted, it'll be nice to have some more mods that hang out in novice servers.

Contact me on discord

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