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Mod Application [DDNet GER]

Post by VL100 »


My name is VL100, i'm 20 y.o. I am Ukrainian, but my german is not bad (especially chat without any problems), because live in Germany in winter and summer. Soon I will move to Germany completely. I have been playing Teeworlds for 9 years and DDNet since its opening. I am still very active and play about 5-6 hours per day. Ready to engage in a forum and where my activity will be required. I already have experience in this activity and at the moment I am the Deputy Chief Administrator on one of the largest GTA projects "MTA Province".

I do:
- monitor the players compliance with server rules;
- solve problems that may arise in the game, as far as I can;
- spectate before making my action;

i don't:
- fun bans;
- power abuse;
- make hasty decisions.

I will highlight 3 main reasons why I want to become a moderator:
1) I am interested in this type of activity;
2) experience in any field is always good;
3) I have been playing on this network of servers for a long time and I have a desire to contribute to the her improvement.
I have the appropriate qualities and have enough experience to hold this position. I think that everyone should be responsible for their actions. I hope that I will get a chance to show my work.
My Discord: 000#5092
Thx for attention, cya ;)

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Re: Mod Application [DDNet GER]

Post by Bardia_Sahami »

Active guy;
nice behavior;
helpful and experienced. +1

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Re: Mod Application [DDNet GER]

Post by jao »

accepted as helper, give me a message on discord


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