Mod support for DDNet-Client

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Mod support for DDNet-Client

Post by Larus »

I think it would be a great idea to add some kind of mod support to the DDNet client.
It would make people able to customize their game, without too much knowledge, and no need to redo that when a new update comes out and messes with that modification.
An example is the lua-api of the old N-Client.
For example, DDCat and DDFat have no real value to the game, but are nice to have. Those could be added through modding later, instead of putting it into the client.
It's just an idea, but it would help me, and maybe others, to further customize their game without having to play with an aging version.


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Re: Mod support for DDNet-Client

Post by n000b »

it is then easy to add cheats to the client and get the benefits of the updates ddnet does.

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Re: Mod support for DDNet-Client

Post by deen »

I would say: learn C/C++ and make pull requests on github to ddnet directly. Otherwise maintain your fork and merge occasionally.

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