Logo for my map

Need a logo or graphic? Ask here.
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Logo for my map

Post by garry »

My map(to be posted soon) is a standard Generic Unhookables(grey and gold) map. Is there anybody out there that could make a great logo for me to match this. The map name will be simple. The logo should read Gores by garry(all lower case letters). It would be nice if it could match the Generic Unhookables tileset. Edit: If someone could add my tee standing on the logo that would be awesome. My skin is the greyfox gores skin that pinkish red skin with purple feet.
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Re: Logo for my map

Post by Wartopeth »

it's better if you post an screenshot of your map too.
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Re: Logo for my map

Post by Ravie »

Often maps from the Request section aren't too good, if you post the map and it's good then no problem ;D

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