Preventing Cheats Due to Bugs

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Preventing Cheats Due to Bugs

Post by Pipou »

Image Bugs Image
Written by Pipou.

Topic to the attention of mappers and testers especially, in addition to the mapping and testing tutorials.
This topic is about listing all the bugs that shouldn't appear in your map to prevent cheats unless they are on purpose.

Never let tees skip the startline, that's one of the main thing you should be looking at while processing tests.
Then look for any of the listed bugs.

  • What's a bug?
    A software bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result.
  • Bugs in DDRace?
    Bugs are part of the mod but not all of them are tolerated.
    Some bugs can lead to cut a few parts of a map or even a whole map.
ImageGame bugs :
Those bugs are dangerous, vicious or tricky because they are not well known of everybody and often lead to hard cheated times, such as 0.00.02mn ranks, because the mapper isnt aware you can actually do it. Neither testers.

They can let you go through teleport*, kill, weapons, shield, heart, stoppers, doors and speeders excepted for ninja which works differently.
Read the dedicated ninja spoiler below for more info.

They consist in getting a very high velocity (speed), thanks to :
  • Weapons
    • Ninja
      Ninja can help you go through 1 tile wide of any tiles of any layer but weapons, shield, heart, unhookable, hookable and kill tiles.
    • Shotgun
      Condition : both tees inside each other.

      Different ways to get tees inside each other :
      - Using ninja.
      - Using no-collision tile.
      - Falling from very high.
      - Joining a team before the start line.
      - Using /spec.

      While both tees are perfectly aligned, one can shotgun so the other one benefits of the shotgun's all mighty strength.
      The move is always the same : going straight up to the highest point of the map (the map borders limit at pos y=-200) to your death if there isnt any unhookable tiles or hookable tiles or teleport.
      If you get into a teleport you'll go back to it's "to" or "cto" marker, note that you'll always hit the highest teleport.
      Otherwise, if you hit a roof you'll shortly start falling down then finally have a curved movement to the left.
    • Jetpack
      Jetpack and gravity are a great combination to get a good amount of speed.
  • Game entities
    • Speeders
      Speeders are very bugged and can sometimes lead to unexpected situations.
    • Kill immunity
      Kill immunity is a server setting which protects the tees of a team who crossed the finished line from dying of kill tiles until all the members of the team finished.

      The exploit is to pass the finish line with a tee or more, meanwhile one waits without crossing it. The tee who crossed the finish line can then walk in kill tiles without dying, going back to previous parts or even to the start of the map in order to help others by dragging them in impossible places or helping them thanks to weapons. When that tee reached the place it wants to be, make sure to unlock your team then the waiting tee can finally finish. Being in an unlocked team you'll instantly join /team 0. You can then proceed to cutting parts.
  • Server tuning
    • Gravity
      Gravity with a value >0 (default setting is 0.5) increases your speed while falling down.
      On opened maps (roofless or bottomless maps), it can lead to gathering a lot of speed and then allow you to go through tiles.
  • Flying strategies
    • Pirofly
      Pirofly aka. reversed speedfly was discovered by Pipou and Ironik and consists in speedflying downward.
      Works thanks to gravity and speedfly bug (collision between tees bug).
ImageMapping fails :
Those are mapping mistakes due to missing tiles or by lack of logic while mapping the parts.
  • Spawn
    If your map has a solo part (noob filter) at tees spawn, then your should make sure that the spawn and it's sides are covered of solo tiles, if you don't people are going to bump out of spawn skipping the solo tile.
  • Teleports
    Be careful to use the right teleport number and it's dedicated to or cto.
    For any teleports, make sure to avoid placing teleport from/cfrom before the start and teleport to/cto after the start.
    If you use check point teleport always place the check point after the cto tile.
  • Freeze
    Freeze tile lasts 3 secondes (unless it's tuned). On some maps you can skip freeze column by unfreezing over time.
    It requires a lot of height and a good timing with your partner.
ImageMore knowledge :
  • You can't skip a startline, even with 6629 speed, 6629 being the fastest speed you can reach.
Let me know if anything is missing.
Good luck.
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Re: Preventing cheats due to bugs.

Post by Pipou »

Solutions to prevent startline cut :
- Make sure the map isnt opened anywhere else to force everybody to cross it.
- If it's opened be careful none of the listed bugs can be used.
- Don't let anywhere else to re-enter the map.

Teleport explanation :

You can't really go through teleport, excepted with ninja which can skip 1 tile wide of it.
Relying on your speed you'll go to the furthest teleport you can reach.
Using shotgun or speedup bugs, the strongest and weirdest forces of DDRace, it's going to be the highest teleport provided that there isn't any obtacle inbetween.
For weaker forces, slower speeds, teleports need to be bonded, no space between each of them.

Message to mappers and testers :

To fix those bugs in many cases you just need to add unhookable, hookable tiles or add space between teleports.
Depending of the situation, you can also use toteleport or ctoteleport, make sure to always pick the most convenient and efficient one.

[mod=Index]Please help and comment with more bugs & cheats, all unnecessary comments will be soft-deleted.[/mod]
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Re: Preventing cheats due to bugs

Post by Firewave »

You have maybe forget deepfly bugs, it's really popular bug to skip lot of parts for dummy map.
Thanks, it's a really good tutorial =)
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