The Great Testing Guide by Lady Saavik

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Re: The Great Testing Guide by Lady Saavik & deen

Post by teini94 »

Maybe can we stop fixing a map after someone used the "bugs" for finishing top 1 ranks?
Or even stop fix cuts who was getting released.

for example the 00:00sec maps from a known map << is a special thing I mean nobody can beat the ranks,because fixed.

or I am not sure about the map WALL-E-T der was a big cut from gridwyn and I remeber it is getting fixed or isn't it?

or the map DarkSpy a cut was founded in the first part to cut him. and he getting fixed with a laser door ^^

I am it is hard to say if a cut should getting fixed, for your perfect ddnet testers all should be perfect. but for me the most funny maps are the maps with cuts who nobody planed that is the most fun if u see it and found a way to do it. that is like an succesfull adventure.

I think we should only stop fix "cuts" not bugs like in the map [(lime where is one laser stopper senseless on the bottom from a part, or at the Best Of where at the end of the noobfilter is 1 too much unfreeze tiles, (without gametile) and it should be normal free. but anyway]

I speak about cool bugs who we funny enjoyed to play for example koule 5, big drag cut. (but the cut still working, only need more tries). that is a part of the maps.

the meaning of a tee.

but you do a good job anyway. (maybe make maps more funny,

for example dont make faily solo parts at the end of a map) -> The Trip. I think it would be more fun.

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Re: The Great Testing Guide by Lady Saavik & deen

Post by kamillentee »


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Re: The Great Testing Guide by Lady Saavik & deen

Post by Welf »

if a cut doesnt get fixed the map gets less points, nobody wants less points (this is the obvious alternative solution of this "problem).
It is most fun if you are the first who finds a big cut, if you do that, what all do its boring :P
so take the challenge to find funny bugs :P

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Re: The Great Testing Guide by Lady Saavik & deen

Post by Spyker »

All ranks on darkspy are lecit, I fixed bug istantly after tournament

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