I can't find any servers

Issues with the DDNet servers.
See the already reported problems on Github.

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I can't find any servers

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Hi, first, i have a new laptop (HP Pavilion Gaming), so it's new, there's no virus and stuff's like that, but i download the DDnet Client, i not touch anything, and i know 'cause in my old laptop I already played DDnet, and i iniciated the client, and there are no servers, neither local nor KoG nor DDnet and i wanna know why, i have the "Windows Security" program enable 'cause in the old laptop did not alter the game, but I have the 30-day trial "McAfee Security", maybe that App is the problem?, because I don't know what else it could be if my laptop is new, today.

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Re: I can't find any servers

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Yes, usually it's the Security software blocking DDNet from accessing servers. You can verify this by temporarily disabling the Security software, or even better, creating an exception for DDNet.

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