why does haisito! have 0 points? (solved)

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why does haisito! have 0 points? (solved)

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so today a checked haisito!s rank & it say haisito! is not ranked, but how can this be? i have personally seen him finish maps, & he has about 600 points
so i finished a map with his name & get one point & search again for his name, but still no ranks with his name
so i when to the irc & Learath2 said you guys changed his name! maybe a note that this name changed? but man you guys just erased that name of the face of the earth, at leased link his old name to the new one, because i like to look up some of the old timers now & then & this made me really concerned.

also i don't see the one point a got for haisito! in the ranks, does it just take tine to sync? edit: it takes time to sync, all good there now.

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