Moderator application (DDnet USA)

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Moderator application (DDnet USA)

Post by BenZ »

Hello, BenZ here. Here are my answers to the question to become a moderator for DDnet servers :)

1. How old are you?
-I am currently 19 years old.

2. What country do you live in?
-I live in Mexico

3. What languages do you speak?
-I speak two languages: Spanish as my main language and English.

4. Why do you think you should become a Moderator?
-Since I started the game in 2013, I always had one of my goals in helping new players. Playing every day to improve my skills and learning how the game works so that, in this way, I can help new players better. For a while I was dedicated to making videos on YouTube, videos like "How to configure DDnet" or "Basic tips for dm1". After feeling good in helping people in that aspect, I would like to move forward and have a good control over the servers of our community.

5. How long can you be active on the server each week?
-I'm literally playing every day, being very active since I started playing the game. If I'm not online in the game, I am on the PC and come immediately to the game to see what's happening.

6. How long have you been playing on DDnet?
-I've been playing on DDnet (servers and client) since they came out in 2013-14 (I don't remember the exact date)

7. What is your discord account?

8. Do you have any past experience as a Moderator?
-Yes, I am currently mod on Pathos servers (CTF and DM1 Atlanta)

9. Anything you want to say that has not been mentioned above?
-I am willing to comply with the rules and duties of a moderator. Not abusing my power and dedicate myself to help and solve doubts / problems of people.

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Re: Moderator application (DDnet USA)

Post by jao »

accepted, dm me on discord


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