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Application moderator

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I am 950. Currently I live in Germany and I am 22 years old. I moved around a lot in my childhood inbetween different countries, therefore I can speak english, german and french fluently and can talk to people in russian and japanese with some grammar failures. I play Teeworlds for about 10 years and about 4 and a half years on ddnet, plus I am quite an active player, neither have I been banned by anyone. In 0.5.2 was a lvl mod called "lvl|x" and I was one of the admins. The servers were quite popular during that time and I definitely do have experience in that sort of field. Now to, for me, the most important question, why I think I should become a moderator. Talking with Reed via ts a couple of times gave me some insights. I do think I would manage the responsibility as a mod quite well, since I consider myself a fair and honest player and I am by far not the best and cant compete with the top players skill, but I am openminded and usually say my opinion, even though someone probably doesnt want to hear it, without being unnecessary hurtful. (had an issue with n000bs attitude as a mod one day, told him, he responded and no one got mad)

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Re: Application moderator

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Declined sorry, we don’t think your behavior fits the job.


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