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Post by Delirio »

Hi guys, Delirio here, I've been playing on our Chilean servers for about 4 years, I think I'm a well-known player for the comunity, and today i've decided to apply for mod due to recurrent abuses by a group of foreigns players who comes in with intentions to kick or change maps.
There are currently a couple of semi-active moderators in Chile. But, although they do what they can, I think that they do not reach enough to combat the current toxicity.
Also I would like to keep the Chilean community more connected to what happens in the forum or discord. I know our community well and I know that the connection we have with the forum / discord is minimal or null.

I am 22 years old, studying and working, therefore, I will have days when I am 100% focused on my work or study. But, the days that I'm free I estimate that I will be able to enter from 1 to 6 hours. I am Chilean, my native language is Spanish and I handle regularly well with English. I tend to be very active in discord, over there it is easy to contact me and I have never received a ban or warning for any in-game foul.
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Re: NewMod4Chile

Post by Shocker »

+1. I haven't been playing frequently since a while and I think it would be nice to get new staff on Chile. I know Delirio, he is a friendly and respectful player and I think he could be a good moderator.
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Re: NewMod4Chile

Post by deen »

+1 by proxy, if Shocker trusts him he should be fine.

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Re: NewMod4Chile

Post by The.Rorroo »

+1 I played like 5 years and I have seen him as a constant and serious player

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Re: NewMod4Chile

Post by Grk0ne »

rra w wa dw

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Re: NewMod4Chile

Post by ibastianxd »

+1 i play like 6-7 years ago and Delirio is a good player to be mod. xd

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Re: NewMod4Chile

Post by Cyclic~ »


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Re: NewMod4Chile

Post by rentom12 »

+1 I play for like 2 years or so and i always have seen Delirio on the svs colaborating with other players, he wolud be a good choice to be mod :P.

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Re: NewMod4Chile

Post by Kenzo »

+1. No moderator does anything in Chile since they are all inactive, but Delirio, I always see him online, he's a very serious player and that's why he can do a good job with the toxic players

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Re: NewMod4Chile

Post by haisito! »

+1 top wena
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