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Mod Application

Post by worstwish »

Hello bois, some of you know me but others that don't, I'm worstwish and I'm 19 years old. I've been playing Teeworlds since 7 years and started playing ddrace like a year ago. I live in Albania and I speak Albanian, English and a bit German.

Why do you think you should become a Moderator?

The reason why I'm applying for mod is that because most of the mods are pretty dang inactive and for the ones that aren't, regular players just hate them. There are alot of rule breakers in the GER servers and especially abusers of funvote. Most of the current mods don't even care about us having fun in the game via not preventing rule breakers. That's probably the main reason why I'm applying for it. Be active and moderate a server at its finest so players can have fun in it and not bothering or being worried from others.

Do you have any past experience as a Moderator?

I do have past experience as a moderator because I've been moderating my own teeworlds server long time ago and a old community that's down now. (C-S Community)

Do you have Discord or Skype?

I'm a regular in the DDNet Discord server.

How long can you be active on the server each week?

Monday to Thursday I can be online probably for like 2-3 hours per day and weekends up to 5 hours.

Anything you want to say that has not been mentioned above?

I promised to learath that I will never troll anymore!!!

Thank you
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Re: Mod Application

Post by jao »


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Re: Mod Application

Post by Silex »

Troll Mod Application?
Come on worstwish .. that's so 2017

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Re: Mod Application

Post by Prankster »

I think you all should take this application seriously. The DDNet community is pretty bipolar, so having someone from the other group (aka trolls) would be quite a good idea, and worstwish might be the best choice to do so. The community would most likely benefit from it, I mean, if he trolls as a moderator, he will be removed pretty fast anyway, but if he does not, you will have someone on the team, who knows exactly what trolls do and since he is in a friendly relationship with most trolls, it will be easier from him to manage the situations. And through him the other group could get its voice heard, making it easier to solve conflicts. But whatever you decide to do so, I don't really care tbh, since I am on the current staff's side, being a troll is only for low life people. I just think DDNet could benefit from it.

BY THE WAY: If you are about to add him, tell him that you will only do so if he starts livestreaming with facecam. Trust me, it will be a good deal!

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Re: Mod Application

Post by gdin »

Declined. Can ask in PMs if you want details.



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