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Applicaton For Helper

Post by elena »

Dear DDNet community

I have been playing DDrace for years with changing names and very recently chose to come out as a girl and show this in my new player name: elena.

It's not my name in real life, but I like it a lot.

I enjoy playing DDrace a lot and it takes up a significant portion of my leisure time. Unfortunately, in recent months I noticed that the community got new additions, amongst of which unfortunately a few toxic players. I can't be the only one having noticed an increase in hostile behaviour on the servers.

One of the issues I (and I'm very sure you as well) notice are funvotes who pass so that innocent players get banned from the server when they were in the middle of a map, just because someone doesn't like them and wants to cause harm.

Another problem is that the servers most of the time have no mods or helpers, so the funvoting can run wild, as can blocking and killing.

To tackle at least the funvoting of the aforementioned problems, I hereby apply for helper. I want to show that I'm a responsible and righteous player and will do just and sound decisions and maybe over time grand me more privileges (moderator).

If you want, you can also restrict my helper privileges so that I can't force pass votes, just force deny them if I see funvoting.

Please accept this application. I like this community very much.

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Re: Applicaton For Helper

Post by worstwish »

+1 traps not gay

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Re: Applicaton For Helper

Post by jao »

fake name, trolling, violating rules.. obviously unfit



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