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Helper Application

Post by Reed »


my name is Reed, I am 19 years old and live in Germany. I speak fluently english and german.
I have been playing Teeworlds now for 2 ½ years after Greeen introduced me to the game and have been quite active ever since. I am still very active and play about 2+ hours per day, at the weekends even more. I have never been banned in-game before.

I want to be a helper to reduce the toxicity and improve the atmosphere by preventing fun votes and working against the flamers and spammers by muting them. If it works out well and after gathering some experience as a helper I could also see myself as a moderater.

I am available on Discord, you can find me on the DDnet Discord server.

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Re: Helper Application

Post by Shishigami »

Reed is bae +1

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Re: Helper Application

Post by Prankster »

Lol someone without banning experience shouldn't be given a rank. Like get banned a few times during race to feel what it likes to be banned.

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Re: Helper Application

Post by ezy »

prankster l2troll cuz rn u suck at trolling

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Re: Helper Application

Post by gdin »

Accepted. Check discord.



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