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Re: Helper application

Post by Mariac »


See, there is proof, I helped a new player on a novice 1star map, got to the last part of the map, and they blocked... couldnt do ANYTHING...

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Re: Helper application

Post by Prankster »

Yes give him helper please! Then he can force f4 when the blockers are being voted! I like this idea +1 from me. But only helper please, I don't want him to be able to do anything useful actually.

Edit: I hope they called the cops tho. These stupid idiots didn't let them race backwards. They would deserve to go to jail!

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Re: Helper application

Post by XxDarkNezZ »


My ingame name is XxDarkNezZ, I have been with the South African community for a very long time, and know Mariac for almost just as long. I know he is a respective player, and in no circumstances have I ever seen him behave independently or unfairly in any matter. Stompie is right, almost no moderaters are active on South African servers anymore, and I think Mariac is one of the very few still active in our community.

I myself am no longer active, but I understand the frustrations of having to deal with stupid idiots who ruin all the fun.

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Re: Helper application

Post by gdin »

Accepted, sent a PM.



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