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Moderator Guidelines

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Moderator Guidelines

As a DDNet Moderator you are to set an example for others. Please allow the community to take you seriously. In order to ensure that the community and its servers run smoothly, you must follow and enforce the rules that we set forth. As a Moderator you agree to comply with the following:
  • Have a full understanding of the rules (User Guidelines and in-game rules)
  • Never abuse your powers
  • Maintain fair judgement and treatment to all
  • Being inactive for longer than 1 month can result in a demotion. Should you become active again, you will be welcomed back to the staff.
  • The rules are final. Do not create rules which are not listed. If you are having issues understanding the rules or have other related problems, contact an Administrator. The final judgement is up to Administrators.
Your duties as a Moderator are as follows:
  • Enforcing the server rules.
  • Solving most issues that may arise in-game.
  • Staying up to date about the community.
  • Answering general user questions or directing them to the responsible person.
For more detailed information about how to enforce your duties read Moderation Procedure.

If a Moderator fails to meet the expectations placed on them, they may be removed from their staff rank and responsibilities. They are also subject to the same disciplinary actions if they break any of the initial user rules.
We understand that Moderators are human and that they may do some things that upset players. If you believe a Moderator misbehaved contact an Administrator.


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