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kys :)
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Applying as moderator

Post by kys :) »

Hi, it's me kys :), some people probably know me as Yota. and im 15 years old.

TASKS: I Actually want to help people in problems like, if there are some people insulting eachother i will try to help if it doesn't work because one person is just not understanding the problem i will just ban him for like 30 mins so the other player can play in peace.

SKILLS EXPERIENCE: i play this map for 4 years now and i guess i know alot in this game like eh... map bugs how to drag pretty well,solo,some tricks and stuff. and i think i have a decent skill level.

TIME INVEST: i actually got 1more week until i take a break from tw like 6-8weeks but after that i will have alot of time like everyday probably 5 hours online :) so i think we can chill until then c:

see ya bois.

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Re: Applying as moderator

Post by Ninjed »

Also we know you as guy who used bot with Saro.
As player you're good, but as ddnet staff, im not sure.
The Real One!

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Re: Applying as moderator

Post by Silex »

A no from me.

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Hot Potato
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Re: Applying as moderator

Post by Hot Potato »

+1 we need a moderator that can tell ddnet players to kill themselves

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Re: Applying as moderator

Post by Pepe »

You don't need to be a moderator to say that...

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Re: Applying as moderator

Post by gdin »

kys :) wrote:I play this map for 4 years now
Damn that's a lot of time spent on one map, which one is it? :^)

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Re: Applying as moderator

Post by RayB. »

Sorry but your application is pretty bad. You didn't recognize which skills you should present when you apply as a moderator. Your skills make you a pro in this game but not a good moderator. We can't tell you if you would do a good job based on your ingame skills.
With that being said you are declined.

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Re: Applying as moderator

Post by haisito! »

lol gdin
:realjao: :?: :?: :?:

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