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Re: Apply as South African (ZAF) Mod

Post by Seba0006 »

xD that name its something like

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Re: Apply as South African (ZAF) Mod

Post by Cryptic »

hmm .. I think that statement is quite biased, because I only played with you a handful of times. Most of the time you aren't on the same server as me.
^for stompie

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Re: Apply as South African (ZAF) Mod

Post by stompie »

Cryptic i dont have to be playing with you to get to know you
anyway i said what i had to say
we have enough mods and we dont have any real need for them we dont have constant blockers or hackers besides Someone but hes fun(and u cant really stop him)
still a no


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Re: Apply as South African (ZAF) Mod

Post by Super »

Cryptic, you are not capable of this position, take it from another Mod please. :!:
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Re: Apply as South African (ZAF) Mod

Post by gdin »

Seems like SA isn't very supportive of this app, so denying for now, but leaving open for more discussion.

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Re: Apply as South African (ZAF) Mod

Post by Soapy Sandwich »

If this is a voting for Cryptic space then it's a no from me. Sorry Cryptic still love ya buddy ;)

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