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Re: apply as mod

Post by Shocker » Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:22 pm

Ryozuki wrote:
Shocker wrote:
Ryozuki wrote: That's not a reason for not letting me giving my opinion. And i know you are like i said, and pwner is even worse.

You should delete SickCunt from here
He is a facker.
How do you know me? becouse seba0006 tells you that? you think that he is saying the truth cus he is the "good boy" on the forum and don't give a fuck what other say, you think all others are wrong except him becouse seba is your friend. This is like what you said "you act in favor of your circle of friends", for you the whole chilean community is a shit except seba, I don´t think you can make objectives opinions if you only know him
Nope i don't say that because seba, i say this because this is how you are, and here the only ones that say that agree you are moderator are casually, your friends.
So, you shouldn't "give a fuck" about what others says.

P.S: i don't talk to seba since half year so :o
You didn't answer my first question, and you are saying my "friends" (I assume you refer Pwner and Forzed only), I have a lot of friends and I know a lot of chilean players, maybe the most part who plays ddrace, and I don't have any inconvenient with any of these. Chile is not a huge community like german, so is easy to know every player, if they were active in this forum (some ppl don't know that it even exists) I don't think I would get a disagree from them. You "know me" cos you entered in the server only one time, and I don't think a have written to you more tan a single message, you think you know more of me than any player that I have played with in more than 3 years because you talked to me a single time, you really don't know me man.
PS. I said YOU don't give a fuck what other says..
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Re: apply as mod

Post by would » Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:21 pm

+1, we need more mature mods.
Some months ago Soreu and dinner told to me that the chilean community needs more mods and I asked a lot for this, obviosly only with responsible ppl, but no one wanted to be in that days...
So, nice step Shocker! :D

P.S: I'm not a friend of Shocker ryozuki! :D

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Re: apply as mod

Post by Ninjed » Thu Sep 15, 2016 6:25 am

I think we can give him a chance ^^
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Re: apply as mod

Post by gdin » Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:19 pm

Rather late to return to this application (sorry for my absence), but due to the responses I think we can give him a chance starting as trial-mod. Accepted.


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