Application for In-Game Moderator

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Application for In-Game Moderator

Post by NeXusTw »

Hey Community,
I am NeXus and I would like to become an in-game moderator.

Personal Informations:
- Name: Rafael
- Country: Germany
- Age: 19 years old
- Time I can invest: 1-8 Hours everyday
- Job: computer scientist for graphic design*

In-Game Informations:
- Since when do you play Teeworlds?: I play since 2008 (0.4.3) - 8 years now.
- What mods do you play?: Race, DDrace
- DDnet Points: 6.000+ currently.
- Me: friendly and passionate player

Why should we take you?
Since I play Teeworlds for 8 years, I have a pretty huge knowledge about this game.
Speaking of ingame phsyics, peoples behaviour and knowing when someone is using a bot.
Also i know pretty much every single consol command since I had many of my own servers.
I helped to get enCore (old DDrace Clan) huge and was one of the first members back than.
Now i want to help out DDnet by "cleaning out" all cheaters and botters out there.
Especially blockers. I see many of them in Ger servers and its a pain to speak with them friendly.
I get along with pretty much all players. Never had any haters or conflicts with people. I keep composure.

*I could do graphics for DDnet too if needed.

I hope I havent forgot anything and I am looking forward to get positive replies.

Greetings NeXus

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Re: Application for In-Game Moderator

Post by Soreu »

I do recognize you, a bit, but enough to be for yes if dinner will also be for adding you.

Aside from that, waiting for eventual community feedback on this application.
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Re: Application for In-Game Moderator

Post by gdin »

Yeah, I'm certainly for it. NeXus is really calm and overall a good person from what I've seen. I think he'd be good as a mod - Accepted :).


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