Call for Testers!

Any information about the search for people to specific tasks.
If you could help with anything - don't be shy to apply on your own!

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Re: Call for Testers!

Post by hi_leute_gll »

Nice noobfilter, huh?
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Re: Call for Testers!

Post by meew' »

the box has always been there.
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Re: Call for Testers!

Post by TheMiniSun<3 »

hey TheMiniSun here,
I would really appreciate the opportunity of being a tester. Kinda feel like there is no tester online, like ever xD. And since im not a really known player they wont play with me when they are online. And also i really like playing maps and trying to find buggs and such. So therefore i would really apperciate if i could get added to the tester team. Thanks, your boy TheMiniSun.

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Re: Call for Testers!

Post by teddi »

teddi wrote:You can test maps without being an official tester. Normally there are always open, official test servers which u can join and test maps on :)
Welf wrote:As we often say here, you can just go and test maps, you got the passwords etc. in map testing section ;)
Ofcourse if you want us to trust you, you need to show us your testing skills. If you want to improve maps, you need gameknowledge (e.g. you need to know what's good/what's bad)
jao wrote:"Test Open" servers:
Password: nimrocks
Rcon: test4321
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Re: Call for Testers!

Post by Nothing69 »

Hi i want to test map's can i join testing ?

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Re: Call for Testers!

Post by Lumina »

Everyone can test maps,
Just go on a DDNET Server ( or on a own)
and feel free to test the map
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Re: Call for Testers!

Post by Cellegen »

[how to invite yourself to nuclear servers?] .______.
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Re: Call for Testers!

Post by stompie »

Cellegen wrote:[how to invite yourself to nuclear servers?] .______.
its used for planned tournaments mostly so tel them u have a potential tourny map

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Re: Call for Testers!

Post by gdin »

Cellegen wrote:[how to invite yourself to nuclear servers?] .______.
Those are off limits. (tournament map testing, etc)

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Application for being a map tester

Post by fokkonaut »

I am fokkonaut.
I wanna be a tester because I think DDNet needs some more testers and I'm a quite experienced player.

I start with my experience:
- I play teeworlds since 2009
- I can't remember the year I started playing DDrace but it was pretty early. Maybe 2010 or even 2009.
- Before I played DDNet (I play DDNet all 3 years) I played classic mods (still play some of them).
- I'm a mapper (so I know what are bugs, I can detect cheats, etc.)

Time I can spend:
I am online 5-6 days a week and 2-10 hours a day.
(depends on how tired I am or what I have to do (meet friends, work for school))

Plus I am well-known in the Teeworlds community.

That's it for now I think.
Regards, fokkonaut
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