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Application for Moderator

Post by FanTal1ty »

Hey guys,

my Name is Anton aka FanTal1ty and I want to apply as a Moderator :)

What are your current and past in-game names?
My current ingame name is FanTal1ty and it always has been FanTal1ty

How old are you?
I am 25 (soon 26) years old.

What country do you live in?
I live in Germany.

What languages do you speak?
My mother tongue is German, but I also speak English.

Why do you think you should become a Moderator?
I played Teeworlds for many years. Then I quit. I started like half a year ago again and I see there is a huuuge DDNet community. There are many many new people, but unfortunately there are also some rude guys blocking, flaming or trolling around. In reallife (as a police officer) I would they I'am used to it, but I also can handle this kind of situations. Sometimes the job is coming through (ingame) and I cant handle. I hope I can be usefull as a mod and help against trolls, blocker and rude people.

How long can you be active on the server each week?
I'm basically always active. I play some hours a day. So maybe 30 hours a week? :D

How long have you been playing on DDNet?
I must lie.. I startet like 9 years ago? But just ctf5 instagib. Then on DDNet some oldschool maps. I stopped palying for 3 years and I'm back since 8-9 month I think.

What is your Discord account?
My Discord name is: FanTal1ty

Feel free to ask questions :) I'm extited for any kind of response from u guys!
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Re: Application for Moderator

Post by |TC*|Y|Bad »

+1 Responsible Guy !
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Re: Application for Moderator

Post by Phazeyy »

+1 Would be a great Moderator :3
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Re: Application for Moderator

Post by Konsti »

know him from years ago, good guy but pls no mod as he could send police at me for saying illegal stuff
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