Moderator Application For DDnet USA

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Moderator Application For DDnet USA

Post by Cosmin1109 »

Hello, I introduce myself, my current name is | Cosmin |, my last name was RainbowFruit96 !, but that was a long time ago.
I am currently 22 years old and I live in Panama, I speak Spanish and my English is not very fluent but little by little I try to improve it every day.The idea of being a moderator came up basically because I was talking with Mighty and I told him that I study to be a programmer, he told me that it would be a good idea to apply to be Mod here at TW.
I can dedicate a minimum of 4 hours to Teeworlds and a maximum of 6-8 hours, except that one day I cannot connect for personal reasons, I could dedicate more time to it, but as I mentioned a while ago, I study programming and as you will know how to program, it needs dedication.
Teeworlds I met him in 2015, I played from 2015 to 2017-2018 approx, then I left it for study purposes and I took it up again in 2020.My Discord account is ! | Cosmin | # 0306. I would love to be given this opportunity since everything that has to do with "programming" commands, etc. I like to do things well and that everything done correctly.
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Re: Moderator Application For DDnet USA

Post by Mighty »

+1 I have known him for a long time, he has the responsibility to be a moderator I think he can help and make mature decisions in situations that threaten him
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Re: Moderator Application For DDnet USA

Post by KaipTataPasake »

Cosmin, u sound good however ive never met you so i wont say anything to do with you beign a good/bad mod. Also there are a lot of people who arent mods who are dedicated to programing, so if you are looking to be a mod just for the sake of programing i guess you could look furhter into the discrod comunity but if its not the case then good luck
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Re: Moderator Application For DDnet USA

Post by Pepe »

I agree with Kaip on this. I have seen you around in the game but I actually haven't seen you talk or something like that at the times I'm on the server, so I don't quite know you. But if you are a programer and want to help to the community, I think there are other ways to help and being a mod doesn't really let you improve your programing skills, since there is not much things about it. I wish you the best of lucks.
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Re: Moderator Application For DDnet USA

Post by Broken »

He would be a good mod.
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