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iCTF Moderator Application

Post by FeaRZ »

Hello everyone, team leader jao and the entire teeworlds community. My name is Nicolás, better known in-game as FeaRZ (my current nickname). My past in-game name was "fear". I am 19 years old, I am from Santiago de Chile. I speak Spanish, which is my native language and perfectly fluent English. Currently I am studying at the university, I study Computer Engineering. I am in my second year.

I want to become an iCTF Moderator, because I want to help in the moderation and manage the control in the event that people with bots enter to servers, people who dedicate themselves to doing funvote ruining the stay of all players who just want to have fun. I want to make the stay of all players who enter the servers, a fair and pleasant place. Besides that I fit perfectly with every point that is requested to be a moderator, I am quite serious about my work. The community now grew, there are more players. That means higher probability of people using some kind of bot. As a moderator I would do a great job. I am responsible with the task that is given to me, I am respectful and loyal.

I am active every week on the server 7 hours a day, if it is not on servers, it is because I am mapping but I am always connected in the game. In discord I am also very active, talking with friends, listening to music or helping newcomers with their doubts about the game.

I've been playing DDNet for 5 years, starting around 2015. I have quite a bit of experience to be honest, in DDRace or in PvP modes, as that is where I started in teeworlds and I have always loved it.

Here's my discord account: FeaRZ#7306

Being a Moderator I fit in perfectly, I get along quite well with the Chilean community and also with the German community, since they are the ones who spend a lot of time in iCTF and they have taught me a lot. Apart from being my favorite mode by far. I know what is experienced within a teeworlds PvP game, the rules, the order, the handling of the matches and how they are carried out. Chile needs an iCTF Moderator, Umbra cannot do everything, he needs another partner. Although, I do not have experiences as a moderator but I will learn everything that is required to become a good Mod. Having said all this, I finish. I hope this application wasn't a waste of time for you, thank you very much and goodbye!

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Re: iCTF Moderator Application

Post by Staph<3 »

+1 Very nice guy and active in game , he will suit perfectly as a moderator

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Re: iCTF Moderator Application

Post by MooNz »


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Re: iCTF Moderator Application

Post by ŚǿŅǥ«3 »

+1 he is a good guy, friendly and active in-game

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Re: iCTF Moderator Application

Post by AdMiN°1*-* »

+1 ;)
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