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Change/improvement to the DDNet gCTF Server

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 4:09 pm
by darkstar
Hello everyone

I'm just here to propose a 'little' change/improvement to the DDNet gCTF Server. So I play Teeworlds ca. 4 years now. I mainly play gCTF. Nowadays there
are approximately 20 people that play gCTF actively. Most clans host their own gCTF server and don't use the DDNet gCTF server. This is because the ammo system makes it unplayable. When you shoot at the ground, to gain speed, your ammo doesn't refill instantly, it's refill time is around 1 sec. In the DDNet zCatch servers for example, after shooting at the ground, you don't lose your ammo. Now, why is it so important in gCTF that you don't lose nades while shooting at the ground. In gCTF, everyone uses the rocket to move around. If you would lose ammo for doing that, you will have no ammo left to shoot at your opponent. The few times we played at the DDNet gCTF server, we found ourselves without any ammo a lot of the time, which makes it unplayable, I hope you understand that.
The ammo limit should also be 5 nades, to prevent spraying etc. It is also the standard limit at the gCTF servers hosted by the clans and the DDNet zCatch servers have the same ammo limit aswell.

Thanks for listening and I hope you will take my proposal in consideration :)

Thank you for your time

Re: Change/improvement to the DDNet gCTF Server

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 6:23 pm
by deen
What's the config setting for that?