Private Room / Admin Room

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Private Room / Admin Room

Post by Essentiel »

Thank's to look for my problem !

Hi , i search how to create an "admin room" just a place when only privilege peaple can go

for exemple i want to my friend and me can go to an admin room but i don't know how to do for just let me and my friend go in the room and no another random guy

i don't know if u understand what i mean , but thank's to read my problem !

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Re: Private Room / Admin Room

Post by Silex »

Seems really comprehensible.

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Re: Private Room / Admin Room

Post by clefairy' »

It is only included in block mod.

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Re: Private Room / Admin Room

Post by Meliodafu »

Can't you just make a closed room with a totele inside? So admins can use rcon totele x to get into that room.
The admin rooms that everyone knows are exclusive to block i guess.

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