How bind this

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How bind this

Post by Wōđanaz »

Hello guys
how can i bind these commands
cl_dummy_control Whether can you control dummy at the same time 0
cl_dummy_jump Whether dummy is jumping 0
cl_dummy_fire Whether dummy is firing 0
cl_dummy_hook Whether dummy is hooking 0
and I didn't understand how to use them

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Re: How bind this

Post by deen »

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bind 4 toggle cl_dummy_control 1 0
bind 5 +toggle cl_dummy_jump 1 0
bind 6 +toggle cl_dummy_fire 1 0
bind 7 +toggle cl_dummy_hook 1 0
Press 4 to turn it on (or always keep it on), then 5, 6, 7 should do what they say.

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