Default setting for dyn cam: do you play with it?

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Do you play with dyn cam off by default?

Please note that results are sorted by decreasing number of votes received.

Off at all times
On at all times
Toggle, off by default (or more often dyn than static)
Toggle, on by default (or more often static than dyn)
No votes
Total votes: 28

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Re: Dynamic Camera use

Post by deen »

GG Kid wrote:
Sun Sep 02, 2018 4:27 am
personally i'm shocked so many don't use the Dynamic Camera, if you asked FNG or Z-catch players that would be reversed. anyone care to explain why they play without DYN-CAM?
In DDNet you can just zoom out. I mainly use dyncam since that's what I'm used to from instagib.

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Re: Default setting for dyn cam: do you play with it?

Post by triki »

Yes . All time.I can see at a distance of 37 tiels.

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