this help test any map on ddnet

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Re: this help test any map on ddnet

Post by mokuz »

haisito! wrote:
Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:54 am
I think he means add new commands to the test servers. If that’s the case +1
actually he(or someone else) means add /team a-z, which gives you some rcon commands, and you can't get rank/time/points so it would good for testing

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Re: this help test any map on ddnet

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What I just remember is, that 90% of the ddnet players don't know how to forward ports on the router, so they won't be able to simply start a test server to test with others. Trashmap is complicated yes. The team idea is good imo, but yeah, could be a bit confusing, but shouldn't be too confusing.

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