Uploading to test server

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Uploading to test server

Post by Oblique. »


I hate having to ask testers to upload my maps for many reasons, so I'm going to propose this system:

1) Only forum members can upload maps.
2) That user needs to create a topic in the map testing section.
3) After that topic has been made, a tester needs to verify that it's not suspicious (and can test the map at the same time, why not?).
4) Once that map/user has been verified, that user can only update (reupload) his/her map to the test server.
5) Once the map has been released or declined, the user can no longer upload a map with the original filename.
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Re: Uploading to test server

Post by Soreu »

Not so long ago even grandmothers of some people surely knew how to upload the map, and it was bringing only problems.

1) No longer good idea. Feel free to thank e.g. SP | Someone for it.
2) So, like always.
3) Kinda ^
4) Would require much coding & few active guys to update the list I guess, so would end as any project with such requirements.

Also it's one of tester's task to upload, or for safety, to reupload the map before going to test it. For any other tests, e.g. of single parts, you're supposed to use timakro's TrashMap server.

Additionally, there have been already thoughts of removing our tests severs completely (partially due to mentioned above guy, and I don't mean timakro) and make mappers & testers use TrashMap - or, eventually, make them work in the way of TrashMap. But more likely, the first one.
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