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Re: Weapon Pickup

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This is an implementation by PsychoGod maybe we can use some of this code:
https://github.com/PsychoGod/teeworlds/ ... d.cpp#L372

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Re: Weapon Pickup

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I took another look, only Weapon pickups get announced to the client. When you pause the information about your weapons is lost (can probably be fixed) and when you lose your weapons that information is not available either, which would make the display wrong at most times.

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Re: Weapon Pickup

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Why dont you change server and client for this so that it works on the ddnet servers but doesnt on others? or is there kindof a rule to not let server and client work together so that people who dont have the client could play ddnet also? I mean thats cool but changing this shouldnt have much effect on that. Its just a ddrace feature so you will maybe only care about this on xxlddrace servers but you wont see that on other servers or at least wont use it.

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Re: Weapon Pickup

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