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Hey everyone, i have an idea for nicer looking maps and the idea is that there could be some sort of triggers for animations (maybe a whole new layer (tile layer, game layer, animation layer....)). With that it would be possible to make buttons which change there looking when you stand on them or freeze that disappers when you are not standing on that button and which appers when you stand again on it. (I mean in a visible way). Or just animations when you run somewhere or fall through something.

I know this is kind of possible with how the server or client works right now but the problem is that its allways only you seeing the animation and not everyone else.

Also it would be nice to be able to define how often the animation triggers by staying on the button or how long it stays or if it stays at the end of the animation, all that stuff. So really a new feature for animations.

I hope you all got the point, thanks for reading my thread.

Have a great day.

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Re: AnimationTriggers

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Cool idea, but won't work with other clients as far as i know.
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Re: AnimationTriggers

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