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Broken client... (fixed)

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:16 am
by Jimmy Jazz The 1st
Earlier today i was looking at the graphics settings in ddnet and i checked a couple boxes.
I ticked Open GLL and texture compression. So it told me to restart so the settings can work. I do that. When i restart and go into game, its a complete shit show. Entities completely changing the whole time and throwing me everythwere. Cant explain it and cant record cause it crashes ddnet. When i try to change the settings back and restart, it just automatically puts the settings back on. I am really sad cause i wanted to play and map today :*(

Side note (Yesterday i was trying to change how my entities looked on a free png editor. I managed to do it visually but when i saved the image to my ddnet folder and loaded ddnet, the entities were all in the wrong place and nothing was right. But i simply changed the entities back to the original one. So i have no idea whats happening behind the scenes now)

Fixed it by going to the ddnet settings in folder and changing it there. Didnt know there was an option. Will leave this post up just cause xD

Re: Broken client... (fixed)

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:50 am
by deen
Well, that's why it's experimental. Jupstar wrote the OpenGL 3 renderer, which is much higher performance since it offloads large parts to the GPU. But apparently GPU drivers are quite buggy and we don't have a huge dev team to work around their bugs.