Neko emotes :3

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Neko emotes :3

Post by Ravie »

edit: Deleted cause bad
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Re: Neko emotes :3

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Wow, amaizing :O but 1-4 emoticon is more like facepalm then crying I think
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Re: Neko emotes :3

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Coooooooool ^-^
Nothing to see here uwu
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Re: Neko emotes :3

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You are awesome
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Re: Neko emotes :3

Post by necropotame »

Oh, that's nice :)
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Re: Neko emotes :3

Post by ☆.Sυsнι♪ »

oh my god i love them, haha <3 awesome, great work Ravie! :3 Nyaa~
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Re: Neko emotes :3

Post by Larejn »

Shishigami wrote:You are awesome
Nice picture XD
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Re: Neko emotes :3

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And I thought that I will never ever change default emoticons... Damn, I was so wrong. These are freakin lovely! :D
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