[BETA] Portal Map

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[BETA] Portal Map

Post by zio »

Hi guys!
I'm posting it here, because I don't have much friends plaing DDRace and I need opinion about it.
Few days ago I started to draw those titlepacks and creating map in Portal style.

In purpose it is simple novice map for 2 players. It's kinda heavy, but there are only custom textures, so...

What do you think about it? :)

There are also ideas about magnetic turrets and some other cool ideas, I don't want to spoil :).

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Re: [BETA] Portal Map

Post by phacrum »

just take a look at the tilesets whis made for pprace, they r pretty solid)

e: looking forward this map, love portal
Chapter 01_9671113a.map
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Re: [BETA] Portal Map

Post by Nope aka Hanz »

there was an portal map long time ago.

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Re: [BETA] Portal Map

Post by Fňokurka oo7 »

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Re: [BETA] Portal Map

Post by Fifi »

I played it a long time ago, unfortunately I wasn't good enough yet to pass its default maps - I lacked skills both in DDRace and Portal (which I've played for the first time a few months later). I still got the binds for this mod set in my configuration.

Zio, I hope you'll succeed with your map. ^^

Btw. Maybe we could talk to the PPRace creators and they'll allow us to include some of its elements in DDRace?

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Re: [BETA] Portal Map

Post by Amulus »

I played this mod and it was really good :)
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